SeeClickFix Service Requests

SeeClickFix is an application for City of Long Beach residents to report non-emergency issues through an online request management system. This system will bridge the gap between residents and the City of Long Beach to increase resident engagement and improve City services.

SeeClickFix can be accessed online or via app on a smartphone to request services or get help fixing issues. Please note that SeeClickFix is not an alternative to 911. Use this system to report issues such as, potholes, street light outages, graffiti, and overgrown grass. You can also make an appointment for bulk pickup.  Photos are helpful! Snap a pictures of the issue and upload with your comments.,  Reports of a sensitive nature may be submitted confidentially. 

SeeClickFix is not monitored 24/7 so issues related to public safety or those requiring immediate attention should be reported directly to the City of Long Beach during business hours or by calling the Police Non-Emergency Line at (516) 431-1800.

Don’t see a category for what you need? Report it into the “Other” category and City staff will ensure it’s assigned to the appropriate department for follow-up, Monday-Friday.

Submit each issue separately and make sure the address you're providing is the location of the issue being reported.

Issues that have been closed will be left on the site for 30 days, after which time they will be removed from view.