Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow Prevention

What is a backflow prevention device?

The backflow prevention device is a complex mechanical unit that prevents the reversal of water flow and subsequent contamination of the water supply from irrigation systems, etc. This may occur when there is a loss of water pressure in the street water main due to a water main break, over pumping of fire hydrants or a generalized system pressure loss. Homeowners may be required to install a backflow prevention device if they have an inground irrigation system, solar heating system or a private well on their property.

Why do I need to test my backflow prevention device every year?

The New York State Sanitary Code, Part 5 and the Nassau County Public Health Ordinance require annual testing of the unit to confirm proper function. A listing of New York State Health Department Certified Testers is available at your public water supply office.

Section 25-148. Responsibility of the City:  The City of Long Beach shall inspect the plumbing in everybuilding or premises in the City at prescribed intervals to ensure that the plumbingsystem was installed and is maintained in such a manner as to safeguard the municipal potable water supply system. The City shall notify or cause to be notified in writing the owner or authorized agent of the owner of any such building or premises, to correct, within a time set by the City, any plumbing installed or existing, contrary to or in violation of this article, and which in its judgment may therefore permit the pollution of the municipal water supply, or otherwise adversely affect the public health

Who do I call for more information about backflow prevention device installations?

You may call your public water supplier to determine if a backflow prevention device is needed and to determine the type of device required. If you have additional questions you may call the Department of Public Works at 516-431-1011

For your convenience a list of certified testers is on the City website click on: New York State certified backflow device tester list for Nassau County