Water Charges & Sewer Rents

Water Rates: 
The charge for water furnished by the city shall be four dollars and sixty-eight-one cents ($4.68) for each one thousand (1,000) gallons used or consumed upon each parcel of real estate in the city, as recorded by water meters or as estimated by the water/sewer administration at the city's discretion, and bills shall be rendered on the basis of said rate and shall be billed quarterly.
A minimum charge per quarter will be based on twelve thousand (12,000) gallons and a fee of fifty-six dollars and sixteen cents ($56.16). Sewer charges are a 130% of the total water consumption.
A water conservation surcharge shall be applied for all water usage above one hundred fifty thousand (150,000) gallons per quarter, at the following rates:

Usage: Water Rate
0 -12,000 Gallons              $4.68 / 1,000 Gallons
12,001 – 150,000               $5.00 / 1,000 Gallons
150,001 – 300,000            $5.09 / 1,000 Gallons
300,001 – 600,000            $5.31 / 1,000 Gallons
600,001 and above           $5.83/ 1,000 Gallons