City of Long Beach Local Development Corporation

The Corporation’s mission and public objective, which the Corporation’s purposes will achieve, include, but are not limited to, the lessening of the burdens of government by undertaking and promoting economic development initiatives in the City of Long Beach, New York area that will include real estate leasing, acquisition, development and management, real estate project finance, and other community-based economic development activities permissible under the Not-For-Profit Corporation Law.

Date Adopted: November 13, 2012

List of Performance Goals:

  • Work to attract new business to Long Beach
  • Look to assist with economic development consistent with the mission
  • Maintain the records of the corporation
  • Conduct an Annual Audit
Long Beach LDC Board Members:
  • Scott Nigro, President
  • James Kirklin, Vice President
  • Nat Cooper, Treasurer
  • Stuart Osnow, Secretary
  • Alphonzo Albright