Applying For A Building Permit

Very often a resident will call the building department in regards to obtaining permits for home improvement or repair. They ask what do I need a permit for and what kind of home repair or improvements can I do without applying for a permit. Below you will find a simple list of several items the building department requires a resident to file a permit for.

  • To install or replace a new roof.
  • For the installation of siding.
  • To construct a fence or replace an existing fence.
  • To repave or replace a driveway or Curb Cut.
  • To install and/or repair Central Heating and Central Air Conditioning which includes oil and gas.
  • To improve or replace a sidewalk.
  • To install bulk heading or docks.
  • To install decks and porches.
  • To install swimming pools, hot tubs and saunas.
  • To use a roll-off container or dumpster when placed on street.
  • For all plumbing
  • For additions to buildings
  • For alterations to buildings and structures
  • For new buildings and structures
  • To cut away any wall or portion thereof
  • To remove or cut any beams or supports
  • For removal, change or closing of any stairway or required means of exit
  • All electrical work to be performed by a licensed electrician
  • To install fire places, chimneys and wood burning stoves

The following definitions pertain to words in the list of "you must apply for a permit". Call for current permit prices.

ADDITION: Extension or increase in area, height or equipment of a building structure

ALTERATION: As applied to a building or structure, shall mean any change, rearrangement, or enlargement in the structural parts of exit facilities of a building  or structure, whether by extending saidbuilding or structure in height, or by saidbuilding or structure from one location or position to another location or position.

BUILDINGS: A structure wholly or partially enclosed within exterior or party walls and a roof, affording shelter to persons, animals or property.

PLUMBING: Shall mean and include all of the following supplied facilities and equipment: Gas Pipes; gas burning equipment; water pipes; water closets; sinks; installed dishwashers; lavatories; bathtubs; shower baths; installed clothes washing machines; catch basins; drains; vents; and any other similar supplied fixtures, together with all connections to water sewage.

STRUCTURE: shall mean a combination of materials to form a construction that is safe and stable and includes, among other things, buildings, porches, balconies, terraces, decks, stadiums, tents, reviewing stands, platforms, stagings, radio and television towers and antennas, satellite dishes, sheds, storage bins, walls, fences, and display signs. The term "Structure" shall be constructed as if followed by the words "or part thereof".

The Building Department is located on the third floor of City Hall. You can reach them by calling 431-1005.

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