Building Department


The Building Department works to provide easier access to the permitting process for homeowners and businesses, to build and maintain resilient and sustainable buildings that are in compliance with state law and the City’s Building Code of Ordinances in an efficient, safe manner.
The Building Department staff sees themselves as an integral part of the City’s effort to rebuild stronger, smarter, and safer after Superstorm Sandy, as many homeowners rely on the City’s speedy permitting process to obtain reconstruction reimbursements through the state’s New York Rising program.

Description of Services
The Building Department is the City’s resource for homeowners, businesses, contractors, electricians, plumbers, and architects. It administers and enforces regulations pertaining to the use of property and the construction of buildings in accordance with the City Code of Ordinances and the Zoning Board of Appeals’ recommendations.
The Building Department administers and enforces regulations pertaining to the use of property and the construction of buildings. It is responsible for handling all complaints on properties, buildings and sanitation code violations. It is also responsible for issuing building permits and Certificates of Occupancy for buildings. The Building Department also inspects and enforces zoning, electrical, plumbing, and sanitation codes, including property and building complaint intake & processing. 
Building permits for all construction or building projects can only be obtained by a City of Long Beach licensed contractor or a homeowner. A licensed contractor must complete an affidavit that states they alone are doing the work. All electrical and plumbing work must be done by a City of Long Beach licensed Electrician or Plumber, respectively. Homeowners may not complete electrical or plumbing work themselves.