From: CHIEF Rich Borawski                                                                         

Hello fellow Lifeguards,

I hope everyone is healthy and trying to enjoy the rainy spring weather so far.  The Summer of 2024 is a few months away.  You can click here to download the 2024 forms. You must print out, complete, and personally bring to the Civil Service Office in order to work.

Please read and take note of the following…

1. Unfortunately, parents of lifeguards cannot drop off forms to City Hall!

2. Lifeguards must submit the Health Care Waiver plus a copy of their health insurance card.  The City cannot accept the returning forms without the signed waiver/card, nor can we use the copies from last year.

3. All lifeguards must also submit the new IT-2104 (State) & W-4 (Federal) tax forms which can be found on the city website. Civil Service will not accept the returning forms without the completed & signed tax forms! Please supply a copy of your social security card and photo  identification as well.

4. All lifeguard forms and paperwork in its entirety are due to the Civil Service Office in City Hall by Friday, May 24th by 3pm.  The Civil Service office located on the 5th floor of City hall  and is open from 9am – 5pm weekdays.

Please be advised ALL paperwork must be in to City Hall otherwise you cannot work!

5. All returning lifeguards for 2024 must take re-qualify test on Sunday, May 19th at 7:30am.  

   Please report to Rec pool to complete 100 yd re-qualifying swim under designated time in contract! After swim, everyone will run 1/2 mile under designated time on the boardwalk.  You must pass both in order to work the beach.

IMPORTANTThe 2024 medical physical form must be completed, signed, dated and  turned in on the re-qualify day in order for you to be re-tested. Only lifeguards who have medical form” in hand” will get re-tested. No medical form in hand…no re-test…No Exceptions!

If you are unable to attend on this day, please notify me by e-mail by May 16th to explain your absence. Alternate re-test swim dates are available for those who might have a conflict. 
These are the only alternative dates for you to be tested before we start full time... You MUST first contact me for the reason why you cannot make the original test date before I can set up an alternative re-qualify date! Once I know, we will then schedule your qualifying test to complete. These are the last re-test dates for the 2024 summer season and all civil service paperwork must be in as well in order to work. 

May 26th - 10am at Rec mile run to follow

June 2nd - 10am at Rec mile run to follow

June 15th- 10am at Rec mile run to follow 

June28th - 10am at Rec mile run to follow

Please remember MUST have a medical physical in hand for swim & run.

The beach opens on weekends beginning Saturday, May 257h. Full time employment begins on Thursday, June 27. By contract, you are required to work all weekends prior to full time! Therefore, you must request in writing and have permission from the Chief to miss any of these weekend dates and list VALID reasons by May 22.  Only reasons that are contractually agreed upon are acceptable! Please be advised, requests for additional days off  2024 summer other than your weekly days off are the sole discretion of the Chief/HQ administration if to be allowed! All requests when full time starts are to be written out and brought to HQ by you personally to be discussed for approval/disapproval. No e-mails are accepted!

**Note - No requests for ANY extra time off will be allowed after August 12 due to shortage of lifeguards leaving for school.

Please, any questions, just contact me. I will gladly help in any way if I can!

Chief Rich Borawski



 ***PLEASE NOTE*** You MUST have valid Grade III and CPR cards in order to work! If your cards are not on file with the Beach Patrol, please bring them to Lifeguard HQ on Friday, May 24th 4pm-6pm. If both cards are not on file with the Beach Patrol and up-to-date, you cannot work the beach!

2024 Medical Physical Forms must be UPDATED for the upcoming season! Expired medical forms(yearly physicals that are expired covering our working days) WILL NOT be accepted for swim test or to work! It is your responsibility to make sure your physical does NOT expire during summer OR you will NOT BE ABLE TO WORK.

Lifeguard Information

May 25,26,27- First days of weekend work as well as distribution of clothing equipment, torps, and whistles.

June 9 - Rookie Test

June 19 –Working this holiday

June 27 - First day of full time (Thursday)

July 1 – Junior Lifeguard Program starts on Mon & Tues to July 31

July 3 – Lifeguard picture at HQ 8:00am

July 13 – Biathlon

Aug 7-9 USLA Nationals Lifeguard & Junior Guard Competition, South Padre Island, TX

TBA - Long Beach Lifeguard Intercrew Volleyball Challenge

TBA - Long Beach Lifeguard Competition Series Challenge

Looking forward to a great another great summer!