The Long Beach Junior Lifeguard Program is designed to demonstrate and teach water safety to future lifeguards ages 10 through 15.  The program is under the supervision of Long Beach Lifeguard Patrol personnel. Participants will be instructed in many aspects of beach and water safety including, ocean swimming, use of rescue soft boards, lifesaving skills, rescue techniques, and more.  They will also participate in relay races, running, beach flags, and much more.  Our mission is to provide participants with the training and education to eventually become members of the Long Beach Beach Patrol.  In addition, Long Beach Junior Lifeguard are invited to attend various USLA competitions. 

 Please make sure you return all forms: Application, Waiver, Code of Conduct, Social Media Release, and most importantly…the Physical Form. The only physical form we accept is the one on the website. In the event there is an emergency, the Medical staff knows exactly where all the vital information is! 


We would like to thank all those that tried out today. The following applicants have qualified to join the Long Beach New York Junior Lifeguard Program for the Summer of 2023. Please remember birth certificate, proof of residency and school report card when coming to registration June 20 between the hours of 5:30 and 7:00 PM in the senior center which is located next to the rec center on Magnolia Boulevard.