FEMA Public Assistance Program Hazard Mitigation Plan Project – Animal Shelter

Consultant: D&B Engineers and Architects

Consultant Fee (Design, CA, CI): $22,000

FEMA Funding Approved for Construction: $137,133.23

Description: The City applied for and was granted funding in the amount of $137,133.23 to perform the following work at the City of Long Beach Animal Shelter:

a. Replace the four doors with flood proof units including the front entry.

b. Replace three windows with flood resistance units

c. Seal all exterior penetrations

d. Fortify the exterior wall surfaces by wrapping the building with a fiber-reinforced polymer material. A waterproof coating will be applied as well.

e. Install sump pump system equipped with battery back-up to pump out any water that may enter the building during a flood or storm.

f. Install backflow prevention device on the sanitary sewer service.

The City authorized D&B Engineers and Architects to proceed with the design under our existing Disaster Recovery Services Contract on October 6, 2020.