The Walks Utility Upgrades

Consultant: CDM Smith

Consultant Fee (design, CA, CI): $96,760

Description: On March 20, 2018, D&B Engineer’s and Architects was awarded a contract to evaluate options for replacing utilities that service the “Walks”. D&B prepared a technical report that summarizes the existing utilities that service the area, discusses the overall condition of each system and evaluates alternatives systems for upgrading/relocating each.

Currently, $1,788,000 is allocated in the Capital Budget for this project. The estimated cost to undertake Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project is approximately $1,760,000, thus our intent is to finalize the design, obtain the requisite permits from the Nassau County Health Department, bid the project, and commence construction in Spring or Summer 2021. Under Phase 1 and 2 new water mains will be installed on Walnut and Olive between New York and Lindell Blvd. All homes that are services off of these thoroughfares will be transferred to the new mains. All remaining homes will be addressed in Phase 3.