9-29-2023 - Declaration of a Local State of Emergency - Significant, Dangerous Rainfall

Declaration of a Local State of Emergency


RONALD J. WALSH, JR., Acting City Manager of the City of Long Beach, County of Nassau, State of New York, pursuant to the power vested in him by Section 20 of the Charter of the City of Long Beach and the laws of the State of New York, including Section 24 of the New York State Executive Law to preserve the public safety and render all required and available assistance vital to the security, well-being and health of the citizens of Long Beach, hereby exercises that authority and declares as follows:


WHEREAS, on September 29, 2023, significant, dangerous rainfall has impacted and will continue to impact New York City, the Hudson Valley and Long Island, posing an imminent danger to utility service, public transportation, public health, and public safety systems within Nassau County, which includes the City of Long Beach; and


WHEREAS, on September 29, 2023, Governor Hochul declared a State of Emergency for significant, dangerous rainfall, including all of New York City, Long Island and the Mid-Hudson region which included Nassau County; and


WHEREAS, this significant, dangerous rainfall is anticipated to produce rainfall amounts of up to three inches per hour, and coastal flooding in low lying areas. These conditions are anticipated to cause power outages, road closures, disrupt travel, cause damage to public and private property through the rainfall’s impacted areas, and will pose a threat to the public health and safety of the City of Long Beach; and


IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that a Local State of Emergency relative to this rainfall is declared and exists in the City of Long Beach effective at 12:01 a.m. on September 29, 2023; and


IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that this State of Emergency will remain in effect for thirty (30) days, or until rescinded by a subsequent order, whichever occurs first.



Dated: September 29, 2023



                                                                        RONALD J. WALSH, JR.

                                                                        ACTING CITY MANAGER