Civil Service Commission

Commission Structure – §15 CSL – A municipal Civil Service Commission shall be 3 members with not more than 2 from the same political party.  The members serve staggered six-year terms (June 1 – May 31) which expire in May of even numbered years.  If term becomes vacant, a successor is appointed to the unexpired term.

Duties of Local Civil Service Commissions include:    Position/Jurisdictional classification, Ensure compliance with Merit System for personnel transactions including appointments, promotions, probationary terms, layoffs, Examination administration including announcements, application review, disqualifications & appeals, eligible list establishment, certification & maintenance, Roster Card maintenance.  Jurisdiction covers the City, LB Public School District, LB Public Library and LB Public Housing Authority.

Appointed by City Council in accordance with Civil Service Law Section 15 for appointment of 3 commissioners for staggered terms of six years)



Pastor Mark Moses

Patricia O'Donnell

Susan Mackston Solomon, Chairperson