Advisory Board for Seniors

Comprised of 9 members appointed by the City Manager. They shall hold office at the pleasure of the City Manager. No salary shall be received for any services. Chairperson shall be selected by a majority vote of the board. There is no term limit - they shall hold office at the pleasure of the City Manager. (Charter Sec. 16 - Title 29 - Sec. 1290)

The advisory board for seniors shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) To advise and assist the city manager and the city council in developing policies designed to help meet the needs of seniors and to encourage the full participation of seniors in society.

(b) To coordinate city programs and activities relating to seniors.

(c) To stimulate community interest in the problems of seniors.

(d) To promote public awareness of resources available for seniors, and to refer the public to appropriate departments and agencies of the city, state and federal governments for advice, assistance and available services in connection with particular problems.

(e) To cooperate with and assist in the development of local programs for seniors.

(f) To serve as a clearing house for information relating to the needs of seniors.

(g) To make recommendations to the city manager and the city council for the presentation of an annual award to a senior citizen for outstanding and unusual contributions to the community.


Gemma Tansey (Chairperson) 
Ray Zajac (Vice Chair) 
Eileen Hession (Secretary) 
Katherine Coladner 
Diane D’Alessandro
Shannon Molloy
Pat McCann
Bill Usis

Joe Brand - City Liaison