Recreation Commission

Consists of 7 members appointed by City Manager who shall serve without compensation. 

It shall be the duty of the recreation commission to: (a) Meet at stated intervals and to meet whenever the city manager shall, in writing, request it to do so. (b) Promote the public interest in general, educational, social, indoor and outdoor activities for the welfare of the youth of the city. (c) Investigate, inquire into and report to the city council on all matters pertaining to recreation which may be referred to it for investigation and report by the city manager or the city council. (d) Periodically report to the city council on the maintenance, equipment and operation of the recreation facilities of the city and to make recommendations with respect thereto.


Matthew Angst  

Freddy Goldman   

Christopher Larson

Tony Maldonado  

Bobby Newman

Mallory Notholt  

Dana Szczepaniak  

Joe Brand - City Liaison