Housing Authority

Shall have powers and duties conferred by public housing law – consists of 5 members appointed by city manager for staggered 5 year term. 2 tenants elected by residents for a 2 year term.

Long Beach Housing Authority Commissioners: responsibilities and philosophy.

A Commissioner must concern him/herself primarily with the long-term goals of the Housing Authority -not details of day-to-day administrative tasks- and how those goals are to be achieved. His/her role is to oversee and inspire the Housing Authority through the judicious establishment of policies and thoughtfully articulated statements of values.


To serve with excellence on the board of commissioners requires discipline. Discipline may be exhibited in many ways.

  • Regularly attending and actively participating in board meetings.
  • Respecting roles between the board and the Executive Director.
  • Speaking on behalf of the housing agency in one voice with conjunction other board members.
  • Guarding against any tendencies by the board to stray from diligent governance.
  • Competently fulfilling your responsibility as a member of a governing board and steadfastly holding yourself accountable to the general public for your performance.
  • Working to build positive community relations.
  • Insuring compliance with laws and regulations that govern housing programs by becoming knowledgeable about those laws and regulations.


Qualifications for becoming a Commissioner

  • Achieve an effective working relationship with the Executive Director.
  • Ability to discuss and resolve issues between administration and residents.
  • Ability to serve the community and residents of Long Beach Housing Authority through program guidelines.
  • Encourage tenants to become involved as advocates, by educating others within their buildings.
  • Motivated to learn and apply the rules and legal regulations of HUD housing.


 Carol Bergendale

Julianne Robinson 

Daniel Fraser            

Natasha Nurse   

Jacquetta Odem

Brett Donde, Senior Tenant Representative

Myra Dejesus, Channel Park Homes Tenant Rep.