Why is Automated Stop-Arm Enforcement Needed?

Reducing school bus stop-arm violations will significantly contribute to student and school bus safety in and around the City of Long Beach. The automated camera system serves as a deterrent and education tool for motorists considering breaking the law and passing a stopped school bus.

While enforcement and education are critical in helping to change behavior, current models and legal frameworks in most states require that police officers catch motorists passing a stopped school bus with its red lights flashing to issue a citation. But with roughly 560,000 school buses traveling across more than 4 million miles of road and highway in the United States, conventional methods are not enough to effectively enforce the law to control these violations across the country. In addition, it permits local law enforcement officers to focus their energies on other high-priority tasks.

The School Bus Safety Program will provide data to partner school officials and municipalities to make informed decisions on school bus safety. The stop-arm violation data can also be leveraged by local law enforcement to add a physical presence to school bus stops with higher rates of infractions.