How to Behave Around School Buses in New York State


Information from DMV New York 

School Buses are Unlike Other Vehicles 

School buses have bigger blind spots, take longer to stop, and need more room to maneuver than a standard vehicle. Buses should be treated differently than you would treat an average-sized vehicle. Drivers need to know how to react to a school bus in operation. 

When you encounter a school bus: 

· Slow down. School buses make frequent stops, so be patient and drive at a reasonable speed. Remember, school buses are required by law to stop at railroad crossings in addition to picking up and dropping off students. 

· Be alert. Always be aware of children and parents waiting at a school bus stop or perhaps running to catch the bus before it departs. 

· Come to a complete stop at least 20 feet away from the bus. 

· Be extra careful to look around before moving your vehicle, as children may be walking in front of, behind, or on the side of school buses. Check for pedestrians - especially near schools, bus stops, playgrounds, parks, and behind parked cars.