Corporation Counsel

Mission It is the mission of the Office of the Corporation Counsel to provide effective, efficient, professional, informed, progressive and preventive legal advice and services to the City Manager, City Council, City employees, and Boards and Commissions of the City, thereby protecting the rights and interests of the citizens of Long Beach and the City as a municipal corporation.

Description of Services The Corporation Counsel is the official legal advisor of the City Council and all boards, commissions, and officers of the City. The Corporation Counsel prosecutes and defends all actions and proceedings by and against the City and every department thereof; prepares all ordinances, resolutions, legal papers, contracts, and other instruments for the city; and performs such other legal services as the City Manager or the City Council may direct.

The City's ADA compliance officer is Corporation Counsel Frank Dikranis. If you have any concerns regarding accessibility, please contact Mr. Dikranis directly at 516-431-1003 or