Funeral Director Information - Burial Permits


Burial Permits are issued in the Office of the City Clerk at the following times:

  • July 1 – September 15:                 9am – 3:45pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
  • All other dates:                             9am – 4:45pm Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

 At all other times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) you may file with the Long Beach Fire Department Dispatcher:

516-431-2434 -Located at 1 W Chester St, Room 309

 Electronic Death Registration (EDRS):

We make every effort to process EDRS cases after hours; however there are times that the registrar may not be able to process your request until the next business day. If you need a burial permit right away, you must contact our Fire Dispatcher and arrange to come to the office for a paper burial permit. Please note the following when you file:

  • DO NOT drop the case to paper – While we will issue you a manually typed paper burial permit we will update the electronic record on the next business day.
  • Make sure to bring a CLEAN AND CLEAR working copy printout of the death certificate. FAX COPIES and PHOTO COPIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.
  • If you wish to order copies, please bring a check for $10 per copy made payable to CITY OF LONG BEACH and a request form.  No cash will be accepted.


Cremation Clearance:

If the body is going to be cremated you MUST first obtain clearance from the Nassau County Medical Examiner. We will not issue a burial permit without proper clearance.

If you are filing a paper certificate: please write the case number and doctor in the left margin on the second copy (Local Registrar Copy)

If you are filing using EDRS: please type the case number and doctor in the comment section


Certified Copies:

Copies may be ordered by mail using the form found here.  Please note that Funeral Directors are not required to obtain a notary stamp on the form.