Surfing Beaches

Surfing will take place on the following beaches while lifeguards are on duty.
Leashes are required.
**Please note all surfing beaches are subject to change at ANY TIME upon the discretion of the Chief of Lifeguards. Surfing on the rotating beaches closes at noon on holidays and weekends.
Foil Boards are prohibited at all times.


Azores and Lincoln Boulevard Beach are permanent surfing beaches.
Surfing is permitted 7 days a week using the following rotating schedule:
Click here for an up-to-date Surf report. 

May 25    National Boulevard Grand Boulevard
May 26   Magnolia Boulevard New York Avenue
May 27    Laurelton Boulevard Arizona Avenue
June 1 & 2   Lafayette Blvd  Wyoming Avenue
June 8 & 9   Washington Boulevard Tennessee Avenue
June 15, 16 & 19*    Lindell Boulevard Maryland Avenue
June 22-23   National Boulevard Ohio Avenue 
June 27-July 3*   Magnolia Boulevard Grand Boulevard 
July 4*   Laurelton Boulevard New York  Avenue
July 5*   Washington Boulevard Arizona Avenue
July 6*   Lindell Boulevard Wyoming Avenue
July 7*   Grand Boulevard Maryland Avenue
July 8 - 10   Laurelton Boulevard New York Avenue
July 11 - 17    Lafayette Boulevard Arizona  Avenue
July 18 - 24    Washington Boulevard Wyoming Avenue 
July 25 - July 31   Lindell Boulevard  Tennessee Avenue
Aug 1 - 7    Grand Boulevard Arizona Avenue
Aug 8 - 14   National Boulevard Ohio Avenue
Aug 15 - 21   Magnolia Boulevard  New York Avenue
Aug 22 - 28     Laurelton Boulevard Arizona Avenue 
Aug 29, 30, 31*    Washington Boulevard Wyoming Avenue
Sept. 1    Lindell  Boulevard Maryland Avenue
Sept 2*    National Boulevard  Ohio Avenue
*Surfing schedule is subject to change at Chief's discretion*
*There is NO fishing permitted on surfing beaches