Bulk items generally consist of large and/or heavy items as well as anything metal. Bulk garbage pickup takes place by appointment only. Only two items per pickup; i.e. washers, dryers, furniture, box springs, *mattresses (wrapped in plastic), wood/carpet (4 foot pieces). No construction debris or tires.

To make an appointment call Long Beach Sanitation at 516-432-3132

East End Pickup - Monday and Thursday

West End Pickup - Tuesday & Friday

   Bulk Pickup Guidelines:

    • Items cannot be placed curbside until a pickup appointment is scheduled. Schedule a pickup by 1) calling Sanitation at (516) 432-3132 or 2) by submitting a service request through the SeeClickFix App.
    • Please place bulk items curbside on the evening before collection day and no later than 7am the day of collection. Items place on private property can not be picked up. Please do not block foot traffic or place in the street.
    • Do not put bulk items curbside until the evening before your scheduled collection day
    • Residents are allowed to put out 2 large items at a time.
    • Pieces of wood and carpet must be cut into at least 4 foot sections.
    • Mattresses must be wrapped in plastic (plastic wrap can be purchased online or at your local home improvement store)
      • Plastic wrap protects the mattress from getting soiled by rain, snow, or dirt. If a mattress is soiled, it will be rejected by our recycling vendor and is 20 times more expensive for the City to dispose of. It costs the City $9 to recycle a clean mattress, it costs more than $200 to dispose of a soiled mattress.
      • Take-back programs – please help us lessen the financial burden on the City by asking your mattress company if they offer a free “mattress take-back program” before scheduling a bulk pickup. you could also contact Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or Habitat for Humanity to research their mattress acceptance policy.