When Is A Beach Pass Needed?


There is absolutely NO swimming when Lifeguards are off duty!!!

Memorial Day through Labor Day
Weekends Only
May 25 - June 23
(including Memorial Day Monday and Juneteenth)
Weekends & Holidays 8am - 5pm
Seven Days A Week
June 27 - Sept 2
Weekdays 9am - 4pm
Weekends & Holidays 8am - 5pm


 What Are The Ocean Beach Park Rules?

The City of Long Beach boasts 4 miles of white sandy beach. Long Beach is one of Long Island's most popular summer destinations for families, and our lifeguards and beach personnel work hard to make sure that all who visit have a safe and enjoyable time. Please take a moment to review our Beach & Boardwalk Rules and Regulations. 

Only swim when a lifeguard is on duty

Swimming is prohibited when there is not a lifeguard on duty.

Ocean Safety
When you hear the lifeguard whistle, look at the lifeguard. They may want your attention.
Learn to swim and never swim alone.
Stay off the rock jetties and never swim near them.
Surf only in designated areas.  Click here for surf beaches.

Beach Admission
You must have a valid beach pass when the beach is open with lifeguards on duty. All residents and non-residents who have reached age 13 must have a beach pass to enter or remain on the beach on weekends from Saturday, May 28 (including Memorial Day) through Sunday, June 25 and daily from Monday, June 26 through Monday, September 4. Violators will be issued a summons.

Smoking is Prohibited on the entire Beach and Boardwalk  
Smoking cigarettes, marijuana, pipes or other smoking devices used for the purpose of inhaling and exhaling smoke, such as vaping devices, is prohibited on beach and boardwalk.

Open flames on the Beach and Boardwalk
Fireworks, open flames, firepits, bon fires, cooking, and or barbecuing are strictly prohibited on the beach.

Sand dunes
The dunes are protected and fragile. Vegetation protects the dunes. Please use the beach ramps and refrain from walking on the dunes. Please help us protect our dunes. Anyone who is caught walking on a dune will be subject to a fine.

Ball Playing  
Volleyball is prohibited on Beach. There are designated areas near the boardwalk on certain wider beaches for use for volleyball.

No Littering
Littering is strictly prohibited on the beach and boardwalk. Please take trash to the garbage and recycling containers found on each beach and along the boardwalk. Help us keep the beach and boardwalk clean so that you and others may enjoy it for many years to come! 

No Alcohol or Glass Containers Allowed  
The possession of alcohol and glass containers is strictly prohibited on the beach and boardwalk. 

Dogs are not allowed on the beach at anytime.

Skateboards and Rollerblades 
Rollerblades and Skateboards are not permitted on the boardwalk at any time of the year. 

The use of single-use plastic bags, plastic straws, styrofoam coolers, cups and food containers and balloons is prohibited on the beach. Residents and visitors are encouraged to use reusable, recyclable and compostable products when enjoying the City of Long Beach.

Loud Music or Noise Prohibited
Respect the other beach-goers. Amplified or loud music is prohibited. If you want to listen to music on the beach, use headphones or keep it at a low level.

Vending or Distribution of Free Products or samples Is Prohibited without a permit.


Digging Holes
We would love for you to build a sandcastle or dig a hole but please fill holes dug in sand before you leave the beach. 

Commercial Business
Commercial business including exercise classes are prohibited on the beach. 


Thank You For Your Cooperation!

 Beach Safety

Basic Rules of the Beach
-Learn to swim and never swim alone.
-Only swim when lifeguards are on duty.
-Always go to the beach with an adult and swim in front of the lifeguard between the green flags designated as the swimming area.
-Never Swim when the red flags are up.
-Yellow Flags denote a surfing beach.
-If you are in trouble, call out for help & wave your arms above your head. Do not panic.
-When you hear the lifeguard whistle, look at the lifeguard chair. They may want your attention.
-Do not hesitate to call a lifeguard for help in any medical situation on the sand or in the water.
-Stay off the rock jetties and never swim near them.
-Check water conditions with lifeguards for undercurrents or sandbars. Both can be dangerous.
-Report dangerous situations to the lifeguard.
-Check the depth of underwater surface by jumping or walking, not diving head first!
-Do not attempt to make any rescue yourself. Get a lifeguard; they are trained to do the job. Do not interfere with lifeguards making a rescue.
-Beaches close at 6:00pm
-Swimming is prohibited when lifeguards are not on duty!

Take a minute to familiarize yourself and your family members about rip currents. Click for more information.

Bodyboard Rules & Guidelines
-All Bodyboards must have a leash cord attached. Leash cord must be used by the rider.
-All children must be watched by a parent or guardian.
-Flotation devices such as inflatable tubes and water wings are strictly prohibited.
-Bodyboard use: It is at the discretion of the beach patrol to restrict bodyboards (distance from shore, rough waters or other
conditions, need for additional equipment).
-Please listen to lifeguard’s instructions.
-The use of bodyboards & surfboards in the same bathing area is prohibited.

For Your Safety, Please Remember
-No alcoholic beverages on the beach or boardwalk.
-No bonfires or barbecues on the beach or on the boardwalk.
-Swimming is prohibited without a lifeguard on duty.
-No dogs are permitted on the beach or boardwalk.
-No glass on the beach.
-No smoking on the beach or boardwalk.


These Safety Regulations Have Been Established To Allow For The Enjoyment of Our Patrons. They In No Way Imply That The Use of Bodyboards Or Surfboards Are Safe and Will Not Result In Injury.


 How Much Does A Beach Pass Cost?

Resident Season Passes:

Resident Individual - $85.00
(Proof of residency is required, 18-61 years old)

Resident Family - $115.00
(Proof of residency is required, 2 Adult passes and children ages 13-17 as long as proof of birth date is presented at the time of purchase)

Resident Senior - $30.00
(Proof of residency and age is required, 62+ years old)

Resident Child - $30.00
(Proof of age and residency is required, 13-17 years of age)


Non Resident Season Passes: 

Non Resident Individual - $170.00
(18-61 years old)

Non Resident Family - $230.00
(2 Adult passes and any children ages 13-17 as long as proof of birth date is presented at the time of purchase)

Non Resident Senior - $60.00
(Proof of age is required, 62+ years old)

Non Resident Child - $60.00
(Proof of age is required, 13-17 years of age)


Specialty Passes: 

Access Pass - $30.00
(Proof of disability is required)

Military/Veteran Pass - $30.00
(Proof of service is required)

Resident Economy Pass - $100.00
10 Admissions (Proof of residency is required)

Non-Resident Economy Pass - $120.00
10 Admissions

The following items may be used as proof of residency, age, and/or disability (access pass):

Proof of residency:
Driver's License (with Long Beach address)
Picture I.D. and check (with Long Beach address)
Picture I.D.and current bill/lease (with Long Beach address)

Proof of age (for seniors/children):
License, passport, birth certificate, picture id with birth date

Proof of disability (access pass):
Doctors stamped note, medical record, parking pass, etc.

Active duty card, enhanced license with veteran/military symbol, honorable discharge papers.  Military passes are not extended to spouses/family members.

2023 Beach Pass Rates

Daily Passes:

Resident - $12.00
(Proof of residency is required)

Non-Resident - $15.00

*Non-resident rates apply when an application is submitted from an individual whose address is not within The City of Long Beach.

Each individual 13 and above needs a beach pass.  One pass per individual.


Season passes may be purchased with cash, credit card, or check. 
We currently accept Visa and MasterCard. 
 **All checks must have your phone number and driver’s license I.D. number written on it to be processed.**

 Where Can I Purchase a Digital Beach Pass?

The City of Long Beach is pleased to announce that there is now an option to purchase your Long Beach Season or Daily Beach Passes on your mobile device (Don’t worry, plastic beach passes are still available for those who want them).  In a world where almost everything is done electronically, we wanted to give our residents and visitors this convenient alternative.  

Save time and bypass the line by purchasing your pass from your mobile device.  Passes are purchased through a website with a credit card and delivered to the Yodel App wallet where they can be used all summer long without worry of them being lost. The Yodel App is available for download for both Android and Apple devices. Please note, that a credit card convenience fee will apply.

Please keep in mind that some passes require that you upload documentation such as proof of residency or age, which can take up to 48 hours for approval.  Everything you need to know is listed on the site.

Purchasing your digital pass is easy, click here on your mobile device and click on the Mobile Beach Pass link or click the QR Code available at any booth. Click on the Purchase Instruction tab for complete details.  Your pass will be delivered to the Yodel App wallet once purchase is complete.  Just show the ticket taker your digital pass on your mobile device.

(Passes are in real time and include a barcode that cannot be copied.  Please note the barcode will not appear until the beach officially opens).

In addition to digital passes:

  •     Non-resident daily beach passes will still be sold at select booths.
  •     Resident daily passes can only be purchased at the Beach Park Gazebo.
  •     All season passes are available for purchase at the Gazebo. Click here for hours.    

Please note: Daily Passes will not be sold until the beach officially opens on May 25th.


 What Can I Use For Proof of Residency?

Proof of residency:
Valid Driver's license (with Long Beach address)
Picture I.D. and check (with Long Beach address)
Picture I.D.and current bill/lease (with Long Beach address)

Proof of age (for seniors/children):
License, passport, birth certificate, picture id with birth date, report card with grade and year, residency card.

Proof of disability (access pass):
Doctors stamped note, medical record, etc.

*Non-resident rates apply when an application is submitted from an individual whose address is not within The City of Long Beach.

 Where Can I Purchase A Resident Daily Pass?

Resident Daily passes cost $12 per person. 

Resident daily passes may be purchased at the Trailer or Gazebo (see hours below)/  Resident Beach Passes are not sold at booths.
May 11 through May 24
Gazebo Only
Weekdays 9:00am - 5:30pm
Weekends 8:00am - 4:00pm
May 25 through June 26
Gazebo Only
9:00am - 5:30pm
Trailer and Gazebo
8:00am - 4:00pm
(Including Memorial Day Monday and Juneteenth)
June 27 - September 3
Trailer only (Gazebo Closed)
(including July 4 )

Weekdays 9:00am - 3:00pm

Weekends 8:00am - 5:00pm
They are not available for purchase at the beach entrances or on the Yodel App.*Proof of residency is required at the time of purchase
You may pay with cash, visa, or master-card.
No bills over $20. No refunds or exchanges!
All beach goers 13 and older must have a pass to enter the beach YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER OR RE-ENTER THE BEACH WITHOUT YOUR PASS!

 Where Can I Purchase a Non-Resident Daily Beach Pass?

Non-Resident Daily passes cost $15 per person and may be purchased at designated beach entrances including:
Pacific Blvd., Neptune Blvd., Long Beach Blvd., Riverside Blvd., Edwards Blvd., National Blvd., Laurelton Blvd., and New York Ave.
*Please note-daily sales locations subject to change daily without notice.*
Digital daily passes will also be available using the Yodel App.
You may pay with cash, visa, or master-card.
No bills over $20. 
No refunds or exchanges!
All beach goers 13 and older must have a pass to enter the beach

 What If My Beach is Lost or Stolen?

Passes are non-refundable and not replaceable.

If a season pass is lost and turned into the beach park office, the purchaser of the pass will be contacted using the telephone number and/or e-mail address provided on the beach park application. 

Unfortunately, if a beach pass is not turned in or if it is stolen a new pass will have to be purchased. 

 Where is Parking Available?

Parking is available at the Long Island Railroad Parking Deck, located at Centre Street and West Park Avenue.

A limited amount of free parking is also available from 8:00am to 9:00pm at Broadway between Edwards and Riverside Boulevards.

Please obey the posted parking regulations.

Please note:  Lifeguard parking restrictions near the beach entrances are being enforced

 Where Are Restrooms Located?

Boardwalk Bathroom Schedule 
Public Restrooms can be found on the boardwalk at several locations.
Grand Blvd, Lafayette, National, Edwards Blvd, Riverside Blvd & Lincoln Blvd
7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
New York Ave, Neptune Blvd and Minnesota Ave
7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

 Where Are Showers Located on the Beach?

Showers are located on the boardwalk, next to the restrooms at the following locations:

Lincoln Boulevard
Riverside Boulevard
Edwards Boulevard
National Boulevard
Grand Boulevard
There are also showers located at the beach access ramps.

 Is the Beach Accessible?

The City provides beach mats (Mobi Mats) at numerous beaches. The City will provide Mobi-Mat access at the following beaches:

  • Minnesota Avenue
  • Wyoming Avenue
  • New York Avenue
  • Lafayette Boulevard
  • Riverside Boulevard
  • Neptune Boulevard

In addition to the Mobi-Mats, the City has All-Terrain Beach Chairs available free upon request at all beaches. To request a beach chair, call Lifeguard Headquarters at (516) 431-1810. Chairs may be requested from 9:00am to 3:30pm The chair will be delivered to your location. Please allow up to 20 minutes for delivery. Must leave valid ID with Lifeguard. Chairs are picked up at 4:30pm. (Special requests for extended time may be considered) First come, first served. Chairs may not be used on the street.


 What is Today's Surf Report?

Click here for an up-to-date Surf report.

 Where Can I Find Something to Eat and/or Drink?

There are many, many food establishments throughout the city.  Click here for a list of restaurants.  There are also a variety of food options on the boardwalk, click here for a list of boardwalk concessions.

 How Can Camps Schedule a Trip to Ocean Beach Park?

All camps interested in visiting the Ocean Beach Park should call 516-431-1021 to schedule your trip.  48 hours notice is required to ensure the safety of your campers and schedule your beach pass pick up.  All individuals, ages 13 and above, require a beach pass.

When calling the following information will be required - 
Name of Camp:
Name and number of Camp Contact:
Amount of children attending trip:
Amount of staff attending trip:
Day and time camp plans on visiting Ocean Beach Park:

 Are You Hiring Employees?

Yes, we are hiring for the 2023 Season. The Ocean Beach Park is hiring gate attendants, cashiers and supervisors. You must be 14 and over and have working papers if you are 17 or younger.

For more information and an application, please click here.